Saturday, 9 April 2016

Womb Weaving

Womb Weaving ( Therapies )
What is Womb Weaving ? Womb Weaving is basically the concept of Women providing Women with Womb Healings , Womb Therapies . Womb Therapies done via different modalities .
So for instance ceremony honouring first blood time /moontime . I tend to avoid moontime regarding menstruation because all women have moontimes , time with the moon that are sacred & holy & connected to their Womb at different stages in our lives .
So yes ceremony , ritual , techniques used .
 While not all societies were matriarchal I do believe all ancient societies took time & looked after women's health . Especially Womb health.
 Many cultures this takes place via not just one woman but many women taking part in ritual & ceremony . Many women being medicine people offering their unique healing for each other . Not just one woman because our wombs have many issues !
So Womb Weaving can come in many forms so I have a friend who offers Yoni steaming . She like I had homebirths via indigenous midwife & methods .
I make yoni tisanes & offer these to women . Yoni steaming for those many areas regarding our Womb Weaving . I haven't worked with women yet in this way but offer the teas which my friend uses with her clients. I can see very much using my hypnotherapy curandera skills in with the yoni steams . This could be after miscarriage , after a violent act , seeking nourishment , menstruation issues etc.
I also Womb Weave via teachings on Homebirth & pregnancy, afterbirth . I also offer Teachings & counsel on miscarriage . This is something my friend & I just discussed yesterday . Ceremony in healing from miscarriage . naming our lost . I have honoured & had grieving ceremony for 9 of my lost children .
Massage of Womb for heavy bleeds & cramp pain, I am just beginning to focus on using my grandmother shawl for Womb Weaving shawl therapy .
 Womb health after birth , before conception etc. using poultices, infused oils, clay therapy,  stones , ancestors & spirit world .
 Nourishing the Womb via Yoni steams & herbal teas . Womb fasting  as well.
 Womb massage & shawl therapy for the Wise Womb ( crone )
Sweats for all Womb Times  !  Bleeding houses & Indigo tents .
Are You getting the idea ?
I feel extremely blessed that I was reminded of my ancestral midwifery roots at a very young age when I first conceived my eldest 36 yrs ago . to have then connected with peers that I was able to walk & honour my womb & childbearing with . These woman are now grandmothers like myself & dear close friends .
I see now the need in my daughters generation to care for them with them . & for The granddaughters coming we need to pass on these strengths both old & new .