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I've had people ask me about the name of my business where it originated from .
I thought it might help to write it down so those online may also know the origin of the name & why for me womb of willow is not really a business as a collective giving community . The story is quite simple & not long . It began 1 spring day 8 yrs ago . when red willow was calling me . willow is a tree we collect often as driftwood used as staffs wands & in my magical work I often use it with bundles in ritual & burn within sacred fires . it is always used in work for myself or a sister . I also use red willow as an icon upon my altar . Thus this spring day began my search for red willow pieces . Pieces to be gathered as offerings for my friends . Specifically female friends at that time . Friends all strong bonds be we friends for 30 some yrs or very recent friendships . Rather sisters . willow siblings .
so I gathered not of course knowing the full why my teacher was asking this of me but I trust . so I gathered pieces to offer friends . beautiful pieces covered in yonies . yes that's right , vaginas . red willow is covered in these beautiful diamond shaped vaginas . nearing the end of my gathering I stood & breathed hearing sister winds' song talk through willow leaves . I heard her words & the vision that song gave . I saw my sisters all within a willow grove . gathered in circle . sitting under summer moonlight . a sister with drum . some sing , some silent , some pray , some sway . all within this grove . " a grove of willow" I thought to myself . " how comforting " I looked longer wrapped in that comfort . " like a , like a , like a womb ! " I smiled left in that contented elation that comes from enlightened vision . A womb of willow . I new then this was it . sisters gathering , sharing , giving . a cooperative . I over the summer prepared the pieces of willow by bathing them in blessed water over sacred fire . I decided to make or find in thrift stores skirts to wrap each piece in . so each sister given a piece would also receive a skirt for gatherings . I still after those 9 yrs have that calling . I collect red willow & prepare the wood for the sister she wishes to be with . That simple . so yes I named my business after my vision but it is really community . My men help me , my sisters /friends help me . That is the why she exists . created for divine women , moon women , water women , fire women .............. all . This is happening her grove is being created all the time ! & I don't control it or have followers because womb of willow isn't me it is all these beautiful sisters . community .
Thats it ,like I said simple LOL & if you think this ended up being long you don't know my writing believe me this is a short version .

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  1. Sister, this is so beautiful. I would love to meet you one day. I feel your willow grove and bow to Mother as she resides there and in all the hearts you have touched.