Boreal Bliss Bodycare

 Creams ~ a soft smooth cream made from wild rose petals or lavender buds infused in grape seed oil , coconut oil, lanolin, rainwater, aloe , beeswax and essential oils

Intense Rub ~ this is for intense ache & pain rub . it has been used for fibromyalgia, arthritis , sore muscles from working heavy construction , joint pain etc.
contains , olive oil , grape seed oil , coconut oil , beeswax , balm of gilead, cedar, pine , arnica , calamus , eucalyptus , wintergreen , camphor & lavender .

Soothing Rub ~ this is an excellent rub for those with achy bones & muscles , it is also very gentle chest rub for children as it does not burn as some rubs do but has all the same benefits of relieving chest congestion. contains wintergreen, eucalyptus, camphor & lavender essential oils .

Healing Salve ~ a very gentle healing salve many plants are known for healing but many can also be harsh on the skin this led us to find the plants plantain, daisy & spruce each of which has amazing healing properties but soft and gentle in their work .contains : calendula petals, elder flower , arnica flower ,   daisy leaf, plantain leaf & spruce resin, olive & grape seed oils , beeswax .

Hair Oils ~ hair oils are used in many countries to help nourish , restore oil lost and add a beautiful shine to ones hair . we use several oils and plants which provide benefits for all hair types .

Wintergreen Hair Oil ~ contains grape seed oil with wintergreen leaf & berries, wintergreen essential oil

Rose & Lavender Hair Oil ~ contains grape seed & almond oils, wild rose petals , lavender buds & rose/lavender essential oils .

Rosemary & Lavender Hair Oil ~ contains olive oil , rosemary leaf & lavender leaf & bud , rosemary & lavender essential oils .

Sage & Juniper Hair Oil ~ contains grape seed & olive oils , sage leaf , juniper needles & berries . 

Chamomile & Calendula Hair Oil ! contains almond oil, chamomile flowers & calendula petals .

Lip Balms ~ contain grape seed & coconut oil ,honey,  lanolin & beeswax , essential oils . Flavours
~ wintergreen , orange , rose & lavender , 

Yoni Tisanes ~

Tooth Powders ~ all tooth powders contain , sea salt , powdered clay, xylitol & golden seal & Echinacea .  sensitive teeth powder also contains rat root/toothache root  . Flavours ~ wintergreen & vanilla clove 

Manitoba Mud Facial Mask ~ collected from the shores of lake Winnipeg and used for generations for pottery, baking , storage , & health issues . clay is cleaned & sterilised ground to powder and mixed with wild mint . 

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